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Culture of Critical Thinking

1. Learning is a consequence of thinking

Short term memorization assignment: Giving students a vocabulary list to memorize and then a week later testing them with a crossword puzzle using the exact wording and definitions from the list.
Critical thinking assignment: Asking students to work with content and vocabulary to construct a model of a First Nations tribe and surrounding environment, including what they lived in, the tools they used, the communities they formed, and the traditions they practiced.
  1. 2. Good thinking is not only a matter of skills, but also a matter of disposition

    I gave a substitute teacher an art assignment to do with my students and I was astonished at the attitudes of my disgruntled students the next day.

    “She said we have to do circles!”

    “She said we have to use pastels!”

    “We were not allowed to add other shapes!”

    “We weren’t allowed to use other colors!”

    Since I have a culture of ‘creative disobedience’ I celebrated those students who thought beyond the initial lesson of color wheels and circular designs.

    Example shown to students:

    Students who thought outside the box:

3. Fostering thinking requires making thinking visible

Discourage thinking by: Allowing students to be inactive during class discussions by only calling on the more willing students.
Limit the type of feedback by only accepting vocal or written on paper responses
Encourage thinking by: Create back-channels for those who tend not to participate verbally (you can use a twitter hashtag to do this)
Allow for video/audio submissions for those who struggle to write (you can use youtube or podcasts to do this)Create an authentic audience for the work your students’ do (you can use a class website, wikispace, blog or other web 2.0 tool and invite parents to join and comment on projects)

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